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The warm hart of Africa

Known affectionately as the “warm heart of Africa”. Malawi is one of the friendliest countries in Southern Africa, offering a true African experience in terms of scenery, wildlife and people. It is an up and coming wildlife destination with the Big 5 and  several hiking option. 

It is long and narrow, dominated by the great blue shining Lake Malawi. The Great Rift Valley cuts into Southern Africa creating the magnificent fresh water Lake. Along this beautiful expanse of water - stretching approximately 560 kilometers - lay thatch roof fishing villages, sugar and cotton farms and a profusion of mango and baobab trees. In the high country on plateaus above dramatic escarpments, tea plantations abound. There are plains and marshlands and mountains, so there is no lack of imposing and dramatic scenery.

Best time to travel to Malawi

The best period to travel to Malawi is definitely between May and August. These are in general the cooler autumn and winter months. In contradiction tot hat, the temperature can still get quite high. The average temperature during this period is about 24 degrees celcius. During the nights, however, the temperature can drop to a freezing 0 to 5 degrees. This is mostly the case in the northeren part of Malawi. The summer in Malawi is mostly very wet. During this period, which is from November until March, heavy rainshowers can occur and there aren’t relatively many sunny days. There is more than 200mm of rainfal on average per month. Most of the wild animals, like hippos, can spotted at the end of the dry season, around September and October, as the animals are looking for fresh drinking water and therefore they will gather around the waterholes.


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