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About Us

A brief history of African Travels

African Travels started to make a difference. With every trip you book you do too!

African Travels was founded by William Macdonald and Marijnke Vincent. Together they got what is needed to run a succesfull business. We choose our local partners and accommodation based on their local impact to create luxury and high quality journeys. We handpick lodges that benefit the local community from ultra luxury to mid range accommodation. Will and Marijnke look at the client and tailor make a safari to the clients wishes! Not a single itinerary has been identical.


How it started

It all started in 2005 when they met in Livingstone, under "the smoke that thunders". William was then an Overland tour guide and Marijnke was organizing international conferences in Zambia for an eco-farming organization. After some time on the road (leading overland tours) they teamed up to run a safari lodge in Zimbabwe for several years. Deciding later to take their own company one step further by offering personalized Africans tours to a wider audience to enjoy the beauty of Africa. They want to share the vastness of lost Africa and all its beauty by offering this chance of a lifetime to like-minded individuals that share the same passion for sustainability and business on a small scale. 

Ear for the future
We operate in the most sustainable way. From the coffee we drink in the office to the lodges and local operators we use. We encourage our travellers to travel as sustainable as possible. Compensate your flight, use organic shampoo, eat local food (most lodges we use grow their own local vegetables). We give our guests life-changing journeys in some of the most remote and pristine areas in Africa and in so doing help conserve Africa’s spectacular biodiversity and share ecotourism’s benefits with rural people. 

Meet The Team

William Macdonald

Managing director

Marijnke Macdonald Vincent

Managing director

Marieke Jennings.JPG

Marieke Jennings

Operations manager


Annette Steenkamp


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