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Group Safaris

The fun of travelling together at reduced costs

African Travels is an expert when it comes to group safaris. We offer a wide range of group safaris, from 3 to 4 star accommodations, small groups and tailor made group safaris.
Group safaris are excellent for those who want some company and the security of a group while reducing costs. Single travellers can pay a single supplement for having their own room. Otherwise they will have to share a room with someone on the trip.

Group safaris stay in the most beautiful and unique accommodations in Africa. They are not only runned by excellent staff, they also give back to the local community and operate as eco friendly as possible. Located in the most beautiful locations, they will contribute to the your ultimate safari experience.

Our data base with group tours is enormous. There are too many to display. Please let us know your preferred route, countries and dates of travelling and we will offer you the tours that fit your wishes.

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