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A world in one country

South Africa has an abundance of wildlife and scenery, from the sandy beaches, sheer, forest-covered cliffs, and amazing marine life of its coastline to arid deserts, peak-filled mountain ranges and open bushveld savannah.

This diversity of habitats is echoed in the country’s peoples and history. The first human inhabitants (the San people) and the powerful civilisations of Mapungubwe and Thulamela of a thousand years ago have given way to a 21st-century country filled with a colourful mixture of people and cultures, a heady history and a natural heritage that has South Africans defining their land as "a world in one country."

South Africa blends 'Africa of old' with modernity, from wild, remote areas and exceptional game viewing to modern cities and hotels that compete with the best in the world.

Best time to travel to South Africa

South Africa is a very large country and the climate varies from region to region. The best time to travel to South Africa will depend on what you want to experience. It is year round destination and each season offers something different.  

Cape Town experiences a cold and rainy winter from June until August and then is generally dry and hot from December until March. The cooler months can be ideal for hiking and outdoor sports. Surfing in the winter months is at its best in Cape Town. The summer months in Cape Town will attract vacationing locals and international visitors, meaning heavily booked accommodation and higher prices. We advise booking in advance if you plan to visit between December and February.  

Johannesburg and Kruger National Park have heavy summer rainfall and thundershowers from December to March, and a dry winter period from May to October. The best time to visit Kruger National park is during the dry winter months, that being from May until October. During this season animals are easier to spot, since they will gather around the waterwholes and rivers. Even if you are planning to visit Kruger National Park during the rainy season, you can still drive around the park easily. The roads are mostly tarred.

Highlights & activities

  • Scuba diving off the east coast in Maputaland;

  • Viewing wildlife in the Kruger National Park;

  • Meeting diverse peoples from a variety of ethnic groups;

  • Climbing Table Mountain or visiting Robben Island;

  • Hike in Drakensbergen;

  • Explore the wine region Stelenbosch and Franschhoek.


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