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Our destinations

Let us take you to Africa! Born in Africa we have the greatest passion for the African continent and it's beautiful wildlife and culture. We operate in the most sustainable way. Every itinerary is tailor made for you. 

Kenya has for years been the number one safari destination. It has lost its popularity but it still offers one of the best wildlife experiences in Africa.

Malawi is the warm heart of Africa. Lake Malawi at 560KM long offers great water activities, beautiful nature for hikes and wildlife and is becoming more popular each year.

Spend relaxing days after your safari at the white beaches. There is also plenty to do for the adventure seekers.

Enjoy the relaxed lifestyle of Mozambique. Relaxing on the white sandy beaches and enjoying freshly caught seafood or discovering the colourful underwater world of the rich coral reefs.

There is no other country like Namibia. Stunning vast landscapes, excellent wildlife on the Etosha pans including a significant cheetah population.

The Seychelles are the ultimate destination as an beach extention after your safari. Perfect for honeymoon couples or when you are looking for the perfect beaches in a tranquil setting. 

South Africa blends 'Africa of old' with modernity, from wild, remote areas and exceptional game viewing to modern cities and hotels that compete with the best in the world.

Authentic culture and rural villages. This is the smalles country in the Southern hemisphere.

The classic East African safari destination with excellent wildlife in the Serengeti National Park and with the Zanzibar Island makes this a must visit location.

The pearl of Africa,

Uganda is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa, with fantastic natural scenery and abundance of wildlife including Chimpanzees and much more.

With a rugged terrain and the diverse wildlife population makes Zambia an excellent safari destination and an excellent Air Safari stop or a 4x4 destination.

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