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Safari & Beach

Kenya has been for years the no 1 safari destination. At the moment it is working hard to get back up there. It still offers one of the best wildlife experiences one can wish for.

Kenya straddles the equator and covers an area of 582,646 sq kilometres, which includes around 13,600 sq kilometres of inland lakes. It is one of Africa’s most diverse communities, having been a major migratory pathway for millennia. More than 70 tribal groups occupy the land and whilst distinctions between them have become blurred and western cultural values have been adopted, the individual cultures and traditions can still be detected, especially in rural areas. Most of the African population is Christian whereas the Asian population is a mix of Muslim, Hindu and Sikh. English and Swahili are the official languages of Kenya, however many other major tribal languages are spoken in the area.

Best time to travel to Kenya

Kenia very famous for all the game parks and they are all worth a visit. The most famous park is the Masai Mara National Reserve. The best period to visit this park is when the Great Migration takes place. Millions of wildebeest and zebra’s will enter the plains of the Mara and they are being chased by predators, such as lions and leopards. This phenomenom takes place from the end of August until mid-October. We have to mention that it get’s harder per year to predict when the Great Migration takes place in Kenya due to climate changes. Therefore the behaviour of animals is changing as well.

The end of the dry period, which is from January until Marc hand from July until October, is in general the best time to visit the Mara and other game parks of Kenya. Due to the lack of water, animals tend to gather around the permanent waterholes, rivers and lakes and can therefore be easier found. The average temperature in Kenya during the months June until September is around the 22 degrees celcius. During the summer months December until March, temperatures between 30 and 40 degrees celcius cannot be excluded.    

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