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Enormous, remote and excellent wildlife

Zambia is an excellent safari destination and offers safari's by land and by water. Zambia is situated mainly on a vast central plateau, and boasts the Zambezi, Kafue and Luangwa rivers - as well as one of the largest waterfalls in the world, the Victoria Falls, which it shares with neighbouring Zimbabwe. Most of the country has a mild, pleasant climate, while the river valleys are hotter and more humid; the extreme north becomes tropical on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, one of Zambia's ten large lakes. While Lusaka is the country's capital, Livingstone, just ten kilometres from the Falls, is more well known to adventurous travellers.

Best time to travel to Zambia

The best time to spot wild animals in Zambia is from September until mid-November, the end of the dry season. Enormous amounts of elephants, big herds of buffalo’s, impala’s, zebra’s and other animals are gathering in the Lower Zambezi Valley. The period April until September is a good period to spot animals as well, but most of the roads aren’t accessible anymore. Zambia has her own version of the Great Migration, like in Kenya and Tanzania. 30.000 wildebeest gather in Liuwa National Park in November and it’s worth planning your trip around this happening!

Highlights & activities

  • Catching sight of the famous lions of the Kafue;

  • Game viewing from a hot air balloon;

  • Discovering the thrill of walking amongst wildlife;

  • Having thrilling adrenalin adventures on the Zambezi River;

  • Gazing over the spectacular Victoria Falls.

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